Data Observability that learns from actual data

That's why we call it Deep Data Observability

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Deep data quality

The market’s most powerful data validation

  • Easy set up, zero maintenance—sophisticated under the hood
  • Anomaly detection that learns from your data, including seasonality patterns
  • Adjustable sensitivity to reduce false positives and alert fatigue
  • Machine-learning based thresholds trained per data segment
  • No wait: Backfill historical data and get ML-based thresholds instantly
  • Custom SQL when Validio library isn’t enough
  • Field level lineage

    Sophisticated root-cause analysis

  • Automatically generated field-level lineage map to understand your entire data ecosystem
  • Swift resolution with direct access to lineage when reviewing data incidents
  • Stream-lake-warehouse lineage to facilitate data ownership and collaboration
  • Keep your data tooling in sync—import lineage directly from dbt
  • Data catalog

    Discover and manage with a single click

  • Insights about your data assets: popularity and ownership
  • Import and attach metadata like tags and descriptions
  • Global search of assets for discoverability and easy collaboration between data producers and consumers
  • Classify data (e.g. PII) and manage data Access Control Levels
  • Drive data governance and ownership across your organization
  • Developer toolkit

    When we say code—we mean code

  • Full developer toolbox including API, SDK and CLI to build your workflow exactly the way you want it
  • Configurable in Python: Inline IDE documentation, syntax highlighting and autocompletion—Validio takes care of the rest
  • Bidirectional IaC and GUI: Play around in the GUI and then lock it in with code, or vice versa
  • See our technical docs for more details on what you can do with Validio

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    Future-proof architecture

    Built for massive scale

  • Built for performance in Rust
  • Process hundreds of millions of records in under a minute 
  • Deploy in your Virtual Public Cloud or let Validio host it for you on GCP, AWS or Azure
  • Streaming and pushdown architecture—Validio compiler takes care of it under the hood
  • Negligible add to your cloud bill: Validio optimizes queries and bundles them with your existing pipeline
  • Seamless integrations

    Integrations—the deep kind

  • Validio integrates with your favourite tools in real time
  • Integrate with your streams, lakes, warehouses, and transformations of choice
  • Leverage your existing notifications systems to be the first to know about data issues
  • See our integrations

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