Observability & quality

Segment level validation with ML based thresholds to catch loud and silent data issues.

Data catalog

See how your data assets are used: popularity, utilization, and schema coverage.


Auto-generated field-level lineage for root cause analysis and incident resolution.

  • 14x
    faster anomaly detection

    Making it easy to stay on top of anomalies in key business metrics

  • 100M+
    records per minute

    Process records with speed to scale your data quality with your business

  • 10x
    quicker issue resolution

    Boosting productivity, turning data teams from cost to value centers

Observability & Quality

Validate and improve

ML based validation on segment level to catch loud and silent data issues

  • Dynamic thresholds by segment

    Machine learning-based thresholds trained per data segment, trained on actual data instead of metadata only.

  • Anomaly detection that learns and adapts

    Anomaly detection that learns from your data and seasonality patterns, with automatic backfill from historical data.

  • Incident prioritization

    Reduce alert fatigue and focus on critical issues with adjustable sensitivity and severity scoring.


Incident tracking

Resolve incidents quickly with detailed lineage and root cause analysis

  • Field-level lineage

    Automatically generated field-level lineage map to understand the entire data ecosystem.

  • Ownership & collaboration

    Stream-lake-warehouse lineage to facilitate data ownership and collaboration.

  • dbt integrated

    Keep your data tooling in sync - import lineage directly from dbt.


Understand your data

Get an overview of data, understand how it’s used, and manage ownership

  • Data asset insights

    Get important insights about your data assets such as popularity, utilization, quality, and schema coverage.

  • Global search & active metadata management

    Find and filter the data you need based on metadata tags and descriptions.

  • Data ownership

    Drive data governance and ownership across your organization.

Loved by data teams

Why data teams choose Validio

With Validio, we can process 100s of millions of records a minute. For a company of our scale that’s hugely valuable—the sooner we know there’s an issue with our data, the better.

Brian FallikVP of EngineeringOfferFit
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