Automated, in-depth data validation for streams, lakes & warehouses

Stop bad data from getting in your way

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Any data, anywhere

Catch bad data when and where it appears

  • Validate structured and semi-structured data
  • Catch issues deep in your data streams, lakes, and warehouses
  • Monitor data in real-time or batch
  • Validio integrates with your favorite tools in real-time

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    Cutting edge anomaly detection

    Automated & deep validation
    –maintenance free

  • Advanced Machine Learning models that are tailored to your data and adapt to trends and seasonality over time
  • Detect anomalies in metadata, aggregate metrics, and individual data points on a segment-by-segment level
  • Easily customize validation rules based on your needs 
  • Resolve issues quickly with root-cause analysis features
  • See our technical docs for more details on what you can do with Validio

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    Value from day one

    Instant insights with thresholds trained in seconds

  • Backfill your historical data within minutes to train thresholds and get an accurate view of patterns and issues over time 
  • Get essential validations in place quickly with automatic recommendations based on data profiling
  • Start using Validio in minutes: our GUI guides you through the setup and makes it easy to navigate and use
  • For technical and business users alike

    Built for collaboration

  • Monitor the health of your data in Validio’s GUI 
  • Get customizable notifications directly in Slack/Teams and handle incidents in your existing Issue Management tools
  • Scale your data quality workflows with Validio’s API, SDK, CLI, and Infrastructure-as-Code
  • Deploy in your cloud or as a hosted service
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