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Data Catalog

Discoverability with integrated data quality metrics

Usage analytics

Understand your data and obtain key insights on your data assets.

Ownership & collaboration

Establish data ownership and points of contact to simplify collaboration.

Google-like search

Find and filter any data you need, in any data warehouse, stream, or lake.

Data management

Organize data efficiently and make it easy to discover for anyone.

Role-based access control

Secure access to data for each user’s role and needs.

Active metadata management

Metadata, tags & descriptions gives you clear context and content of the data.

Understand your data

Usage analytics

Obtain key insights on your data assets including popularity, utilization rate, quality, and schema coverage.

Data governance

Data ownership & collaboration

Establish and reinforce data standards and governance practices across your org, leading to more consistent and collaborative use of data.


Search bar & metadata control

Find and filter the data you need based on metadata tags and descriptions. Search across data warehouses, streams, and lakes.

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Fully integrated with every tool in your modern data stack

Validio integrates with every tool and service you could use in a modern data stack. And if in some incredible instance you have a tool we don’t work with - just ask and we’ll build it for you.

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Built for collaboration

Align data- and business teams with interfaces for all stakeholders.

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Security & compliance

Scalable security

Stay on top of security and compliance with enterprise grade standards.

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