Managing data quality shouldn't be hard

At Validio, we give teams confidence in their most important data by offering a deep data observability platform for any modern data-driven organization, no matter size. We believe that you shouldn’t have to be an AirBnB, Uber or Netflix to have advanced ML-based data quality technology in place.

We also believe that modern data teams get better return on investment by spending their time and resources on other business-critical tasks than building and maintaining their own data quality infrastructure.

Validio’s mission is to eliminate bad data and enable organizations to be data-driven with confidence. Our vision is to enable data-driven companies to unleash the full potential of their data, resulting in better and more sustainable outcomes. We place an emphasis on cutting through the hype and building things that actually work and deliver real business value.

We’re a group of ambitious builders with a passion for elegant and simple solutions to complex problems.

We're a senior team of data and machine learning professionals with backgrounds from renowned research institutions, leading startups, and established tech companies. Even though several members of our team have PhDs, we have all been working in industry and place an emphasis on cutting through the hype and building things that actually work and deliver real business value.

Meet the team.

Patrik Liu Tran
Co-Founder & CEO
Urban Eriksson
Co-Founder & Data Science Lead
Christopher Brown
Head of Product
Hamid Noroozi
Senior DevOps Engineer
Rebecka Hogevall
People & Culture Lead
Alexander Ghebressilasie
Senior Software Engineer
Sara Landfors
Head of Marketing
Richard Wang
Growth & Commercial Strategy Lead
Mathias Kindberg
Software Engineer
Canan Duygu Alyazıcı
Software Developer
Ifeanyi Ubah
Software Engineer
Ilson Balliego
Software Engineer
Christian Persson
Software Developer
Aleksei Piianin
Senior Backend Developer
Jonathan Bridger
Software Developer
Marcus Johansson
Senior DevOps Engineer
Dara Gill
External General Counsel
Kim Fai Kok
PR & Communications
Mateusz Mojsiejuk
Senior DevOps Engineer
Elias Djurfeldt
Software Engineer
Emil Bring
Product Marketing Lead
Claudia Kuslap
Workplace and Experience Coordinator
Zoran Lazarevic
Software Engineer
Lars Nordin
Product Lead
Simon Sawert
Software Engineer
Linnéa Tegelberg
Talent Acquisition Partner
Adrian Strömberg
Head of Finance

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Our cultural handbook will help you understand how we work and if Validio is the right company for you to join.

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