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At Validio, we abstract complexity away from data engineering by offering a state of the art data quality validation and monitoring platform for any data-driven company, no matter size. Our core purpose is to enable data-driven organizations to unleash the full potential from their data. We believe that you shouldn’t have to be an AirBnB, Uber or Netflix to have advanced ML-based data quality technology in place.

We’re a group of ambitious builders with a passion for elegant and simple solutions to complex problems.

We're a senior team of data and machine learning professionals with backgrounds from renowned research institutions, leading startups, and established tech companies. Even though several members of our team have PhDs, we have all been working in industry and place an emphasis on cutting through the hype and building things that actually work and deliver real business value.

Meet the team.

Patrik Liu Tran
Co-Founder & CEO
Christopher Brown
Head of Product
Hamid Noroozi
Senior DevOps Engineer
Urban Eriksson
Co-Founder & Data Science Lead
Alexander Ghebressilasie
Senior Software Engineer
Mårten Nilsson
Senior Software Engineer
Mathias Kindberg
Software Engineer
Oliver Molander
Co-Founder & GTM Lead
Andreas Lundmark
Board Member & Operational Advisor
Dara Gill
External General Counsel
Kim Fai Kok
Operational PR & Communications Advisor
Canan Duygu Alyazıcı
Software Developer
Christian Persson
Software Developer
Aleksei Piianin
Senior Backend Developer
Ilson Balliego
Software Engineer
Jonathan Bridger
Software Developer
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