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  • Automated root cause analysis

    See everything about your issues directly in your lineage map: origin, severity, and downstream impact.

  • dbt monitoring

    Catch stuck or long-running dbt jobs as they happen.

  • Native debug feature

    Generate sample SQL code from a captured incident for further investigation in your Databricks environment.

  • Segmented anomaly detection

    Out-of-the-box monitoring of segments in your actual data, not just metadata.

  • Schema change alerts

    Stay on top of any upstream changes and prevent operational disruptions.

  • Data catalog & usage analytics

    Find and manage any data you need, in- or outside of your lakehouse. Validio also integrates to Unity Catalog.

“We’re really excited about Validio. [...] We utilize Validio for quality, cataloging, and lineage to complement our stack and give us that full observability”

Albert ObengDirector of TechnologyAB CarVal

Easier root cause analysis

  • Validio's data quality monitoring is overlayed directly in your lineage map, showing severity score, incident count, and affected fields.
  • Quickly trace the root cause of any issue across your entire data lifecycle, in- and outside of your lakehouse environment.
  • See downstream impact and data ownership so you can easily notify affected stakeholders.
  • Advanced monitoring, out-of-the-box

  • Machine learning-based thresholds learn from your data patterns, adapting to trends and seasonality. No code or maintenance needed.
  • With segmented anomaly detection out-of-the-box, Validio reveals issues hidden deep in your data segments.
  • Our models train on your historical data in a few seconds, allowing you to fine-tune them instantly.
  • Get relevant alerts only

  • Reduce false alerts as our models track seasonality and cyclical data.
  • Validio groups alerts tied to the same issue to protect you from alert fatigue.
  • Route insights via Slack or Teams based on smart rules.
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