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Real-time monitoring and in-depth anomaly detection to ensure accuracy of model input data


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  • CTOs
  • Analytics managers
  • Data scientists
  • Data/ML engineers
  • Business analysts
  • Statisticians
  • Catch distribution shifts before models grow stale

    Data changes constantly. Shifts in customer behavior or changes in the size of different segments can make historical data less relevant for predicting future outcomes. Validio catches these changes before they hurt your business.

    Improve data quality and availability

    ML models require high-quality data to make accurate predictions. Validio catches a broad range of incidents, for example, schema changes, biases in training and prediction data, inconsistent data formats, or missing variables.

    Enable rapid resolution by informing the right people immediately

    Whenever bad data impacts your models, Validio can send automated alerts through Slack or Teams, and let you handle incidents directly by integrating to your existing ticketing system.

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    "Providing Machine Learning recommendations is the bread and butter of our business model. Validio helps us monitor both input and recommendations, which takes OfferFit to the next level."

    Brian FallikVice President of Engineering, OfferFit

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