Monetize data without the risk of errors reaching your customers

using Validio's deep anomaly detection, source comparisons, and instant notifications


customer complaints


costs of data quality assurance


trust in data

Validio is used by

  • Engineering managers
  • Heads of data
  • Data/ML engineers
  • Data scientists
  • Data analysts
  • Business analysts
  • Catch data issues early in the pipeline

    such as incomplete third-party data, broken pipelines, unexpected null-value spikes, or drops in subsegment volumes.

    Ensure no unexpected data reaches your customers

    with automated and in-depth anomaly detection on a segment-by-segment level.

    Enable rapid resolution by informing the right people immediately

    using customizable alerts through Slack or Teams, and integrations with your existing Issue Management tools.

    Trusted by industry leaders across the globe

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