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OfferFit take their ML models to the next level with Validio

Read the case study, the e-commerce profitability platform, adopts Validio to ensure data quality to their end users

Wednesday, Jun 05, 20242 min read

[Stockholm, 2024-05-15], the disruptor reshaping predictive analytics in e-commerce, today announced its adoption of Validio, a powerful data quality platform. This integration ensures customers receive the highest quality data possible, empowering them to make data-driven decisions with confidence.

“Data quality is paramount to the success of any AI initiative,”

said David Feldell, Product & Co-Founder at

“Most of our e-commerce customers don't have 7-10 data engineers to ensure their data quality, so if it’s mislabeled or they have an issue in the data, how would they know? We've taken a more proactive approach. We needed a system to scale this across customers and adjust to various customer needs. By incorporating Validio’s best-in-class data quality platform, we can ensure our customers can access clean, accurate, and reliable data. This will empower them to unlock the full potential of AI and achieve their business goals.”

Validio provides with a full platform of data quality tools, including:

  • Observability & quality - segment-level validation with ML-based thresholds to catch invisible data issues.
  • Data catalog - see how data assets are used: popularity, utilization, and schema coverage.
  • Lineage - Auto-generated field-level lineage for root cause analysis and incident resolution.
  •  “We are thrilled to partner with and empower them to deliver exceptional data quality to their customers,”

    said Patrik Liu Tran, CEO and Co-Founder at Validio.

    “For, data is their product, so data quality is their brand. Validio’s robust platform will ensure customers have the cleanest, most reliable data possible to fuel their AI initiatives.”

    About, based in Stockholm, revolutionizes analytics in e-commerce by providing a comprehensive data warehouse enriched with AI-driven insights. Dema's platform seamlessly integrates sales and order data with data from marketing channels, online and offline stores, fulfillment, inventory, and customers, enabling merchants to control and optimize profitability and inventory management while scaling globally. Winning e-commerce businesses like Ridestore, Mini Rodini, and Mikuta, seizing the moment of the AI revolution, use Dema to deliver actionable intelligence for superior operational performance.

    About Validio

    Validio is a Stockholm-based Data Trust company that gives customers full trust in their data, by going beyond mere monitoring to unify data observability, quality, lineage, and cataloging. Validio’s Data Trust Platform provides a holistic view of your data ecosystem, letting data teams and business stakeholders collaborate effortlessly to resolve issues quickly and improve your business metrics. We’re proud to be the trusted partner of leading companies like Truecaller, OfferFit, AB CarVal, and Voi, who leverage our platform to get 100% trust in their data and use it to achieve real-world results.

    Do you also want ensure data quality?