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Validio is bolstering its team with two Truecaller veterans

Friday, Sep 17, 20212 min read
Oliver Molander

We’re happy to announce that we’ve strengthened our legal and PR & Communications side with Dara Gill (former VP General Counsel at Truecaller) and Kim Fai Kok (former founding team member and Director of Communications at Truecaller) — both highly appreciated startup veterans and early-stage investors in the Nordic tech scene.

Dara will step in as our external General Counsel and support us with all things legal, and Kim Fai will come in as Communications Advisor to help lay the foundations for our PR & Communications strategy as we’re accelerating towards our next phase of growth. We couldn’t be more excited to have them bring a new dimension to our already strong core team of senior software engineers and data scientists.

At Validio we’re a group of ambitious builders with a passion for elegant and simple solutions to complex problems. We’re a senior team of software engineers and data & machine learning professionals with backgrounds from renowned research institutions, leading startups, and established tech companies such as Google, Klarna, Trustly, iZettle, Harvard and KTH. While almost half of the team has PhDs, we have all been working in industry for decades and place an emphasis on cutting through the hype and building things that actually work and deliver real business value.

We’re set to build a transformational company in the middle of a massive shift towards the modern cloud data infrastructure. We’re building the first real-time data quality platform for operational use cases, abstracting complexity away from data engineering. The platform is built for modern data teams with modern data stacks and engineering-led decision-making.

Today we already work with some of the most data-driven Nordic tech scaleups, who each day push the boundaries of what they can do with data to increase their competitiveness and offer world-leading services and products.

The opportunity is massive as companies are starting to unlock the potential of their data in tandem with the huge leaps that have taken place in data and machine learning infrastructure during the past years.

The floodgates have truly opened and every company, big or small, can now store and process massive amounts of data and use it to drive value across their business and unlock new opportunities.

Subsequently, data pipelines that move data from one place to another have become the nervous system of the modern company. Every modern data team will in the coming years deploy real-time data quality validation and monitoring because otherwise, they won’t be able to trust sourced data.

We’ve barely scratched the surface.