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Validio Validates: Achieves Google Cloud Ready - BigQuery Designation, Simplifying Data Trust for Businesses

Friday, Apr 19, 20242 min read
Sophia Granfors

Stockholm, Sweden – April 19, 2024 – Validio, a leader in data trust solutions, today announced achieving the Google Cloud Ready - BigQuery Designation. This prestigious recognition solidifies Validio's seamless integration with BigQuery, Google's powerful data warehouse platform.

Confidence and Efficiency

The Google Cloud Ready - BigQuery program signifies rigorous testing and validation by Google engineers. Businesses can now confidently leverage Validio alongside BigQuery, eliminating the need for lengthy evaluation processes and streamlining data management workflows.

Real-Time Issue Resolution: Proactive Data Guardianship

"This designation is a major step forward for Validio,"

says Patrik Liu Tran, CEO and Co-Founder of Validio.

"By seamlessly integrating with BigQuery, Validio empowers businesses to become proactive data guardians. We enable real-time monitoring and resolution of data and business metrics issues, preventing them from impacting critical operations."

Beyond Integration: A Collaborative Future

Validio's Google Cloud Ready - BigQuery Designation unlocks a future of collaboration. This partnership fosters close cooperation with Google's engineering and BigQuery teams, paving the way for joint innovation and development of cutting-edge data management solutions.

To learn more about Validio’s expertise with Google Cloud and BigQuery, see here, or request a demo of how to leverage Validio for your BigQuery data assets.

About Validio: Unlocking the True Potential of Your Data

The Validio platform unifies deep data observability, quality, lineage, and cataloging, providing a holistic view of your data ecosystem. This empowers data teams and business stakeholders to collaborate seamlessly, prioritizing, validating, and improving your most critical data assets. We're proud to be the trusted partner of leading companies like Truecaller, OfferFit, AB CarVal, and Voi, who leverage our platform to transform their data strategies and achieve real-world results.

Learn more about how to gain trust in your BigQuery data assets