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Company Updates

Mehdi Ghissassi, Head of Product at DeepMind, and Anna Fredrixon, former CHRO at Kry/Livi & Truecaller, join Validio as special investors

Friday, Apr 08, 20223 min read
Patrik Liu Tran

Mehdi Ghissassi, Head of Product at DeepMind, and Anna Fredrixon, former CHRO at Kry/Livi & Truecaller, join Validio as special investors, bringing a wealth of relevant operational experience as Validio enters next phase of growth

Validio has over the years had a lot of interest from potential investors, and we have always said no since we did not need the capital at those points in time. But sometimes, you stumble upon individuals that you just cannot say no to. Therefore, during 2021, we decided to do a small and unannounced (and unplanned) round with the purpose to bring in carefully selected individuals with world-class operational experience to strengthen the team at Validio. We’re thrilled to announce that Anna Fredrixon and Mehdi Ghissassi are among this small group of individual investors. 

Anna is the former Chief Human Resource Officer at Stockholm-based digital healthcare unicorn Kry/Livi and recently IPO:ed Truecaller. Anna has unparalleled experience scaling startups from the very early-stages to over 2,000 people. Anna will focus on advising us in scaling our team in a sustainable way, not least when it comes to culture and values. 

Anna explains the opportunity she sees in Validio:

“Startups that are focused on fast growth require people with specific traits and relentless pursuit of serving customers and winning. I know from experience that the team is everything when succeeding with a startup. I was very impressed with the founding team and culture at Validio and the top talent they attract - driven by their ambition, culture and fundamental nature of the problem they are solving”

Mehdi is the Head of Product at DeepMind, a scientific discovery company, committed to ‘solving intelligence to advance science and benefit humanity.’ Part of the Alphabet Group, the company is behind global research breakthroughs such as AlphaFold and AlphaGo. Needless to say, his experience will be invaluable for a deeptech company like Validio.

Mehdi explains the opportunity he sees in Validio:

"I'm excited that Patrik and the awesome team at Validio is tackling one of the most fundamental challenges in the world of data, AI and ML - to ensure clean, robust and trustworthy data at scale - a prerequisite for both BI and ML use cases”

To Validio, Anna brings first-hand experience of building and scaling world-class teams and has done so not only once, but twice with Kry/Livi and Truecaller. Mehdi has first-hand knowledge and experience managing deeply technical complex solutions in product-led organizations. Both bring knowledge & experience that will be invaluable as we continue to scale Validio. Help us give a warm welcome to Anna and Mehdi!

About Validio

Validio is a next generation data quality and reliability company. Validio’s platform monitors and validates both data in motion and data at rest on datapoint and pipeline metadata level.

Validio’s mission is to eliminate bad data and enable organizations to be data-driven with confidence. Our vision is to enable data-driven companies to unleash the full potential of their data, driving better and more sustainable outcomes. We work with modern data teams and data innovators, who push the boundary every day of what they can do with data to improve their businesses, customer experience, services and products.