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Product Updates

Product update: Stop data issues before they happen with Insight-based Root Cause Analysis

Tuesday, May 14, 20243 min read
Emil Bring
We just released one of our biggest product features yet, making it even easier—and much faster—to solve data issues: Insight-backed Root Cause Analysis. We built it by combining functionalities from our three core products: Data Quality Monitoring, Field-level Lineage, and Data Catalog. With this, you’ll even know how to prevent future issues from hurting your business where it’s most fragile.

Picture this: a row of dominoes toppling over, one nudge setting off a cascade. Now, visualize each domino as a data point in your intricate tech system. A single glitch could halt your entire pipeline, throwing your team into a frenzied search for the root cause.

Sounds familiar? Hours spent poring over data, coffee cup in hand, navigating through endless system layers—it's like defusing a bomb without guidance. But what if there was a secret weapon to make this task easier, quicker, and more efficient? Enter Insight-based Root Cause Analysis (RCA), your new ally in troubleshooting.

Welcome to a world where root cause analysis becomes less of a headache and more of an enjoyable, streamlined process. Let's dive into how our latest product update can transform your approach.

Combining field-level lineage with data quality monitoring for proactive insights

Validio’s Insight-based RCA isn't just a tool; it's a new approach to problem-solving within complex data ecosystems. Here’s how it can change the game:

Accelerate your root cause discovery

Imagine having a high-definition map of your entire data journey, with the ability to zoom in on every twist and turn. That's what field-level lineage provides: precise tracking of data through its lifecycle. This clarity allows for quicker identification of where things went wrong, sharply reducing the time to get back on track.

Field-by-field lineage to see origin and impact of data issues

Seamless data catalog integration

With field-level lineage integrated into Validio’s data catalog, you significantly enhance both the accuracy and reliability of your data. This functionality provides a robust foundation for identifying discrepancies right at their origin. Moreover, with the incorporation of our usage analytics feature, you gain valuable insights into how your data assets are being utilized, highlighted by monitoring their utilization rate, upstream and downstream assets, and commonly joined tables.

This integration lays a solid foundation for pinpointing the root causes of issues. The result? A significant drop in time spent trying to be a detective, allowing your team to focus on solutions rather than problems.

Insights tab in your lineage map to understand your data

Pair with data quality monitoring

To make you truly capitalize on field-level lineage, we combine it with Validio’s data quality monitoring. This powerful duo ensures that you're always in the know about what's happening with your data. You'll understand exactly which issues are occurring, trace them back to their origins, and identify critical downstream use cases impacted by these issues. In essence, it's about gaining full control and visibility over your data landscape.

Root cause analysis made easy with data quality on lineage

Anticipate & prevent: Shield your critical assets before issues strike

Insight-based RCA isn't just an improvement—it transforms how you manage your data. Transitioning from a reactive to a proactive approach, it lets you anticipate and prevent data issues before they reach your most important use cases. By understanding your data flows, usage, and pinpointing essential data assets allows you to strategically deploy Validio’s more advanced validation where it will offer maximum protection for your business.

Incorporating this approach means moving beyond reactive troubleshooting into a realm where data informs and guides proactive strategies. Equip your team with Insight-based RCA, and watch productivity and innovation soar.

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