In-depth observability

by use case

Better data quality, bigger business impact

Pricing & Promotion

Reduce churn or pockets of lost revenue by staying on top of price anomalies and price model issues

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Ad optimisation

Make sure sudden currency conversion errors or data drifts don’t wreck your RoaS

  • 20% improved RoaS
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    KPI tracking & Reporting

    Trust your dashboards by catching data quality issues, track them upstreams, and establish ownership

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    Machine Learning & Data Science

    Improve the performance of your predictions by catching and resolving data drifts

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    Trust your streaming pipelines with anomaly detection of metadata, actual data and schema

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    Anomaly detection-as-a-service

    Drive engagement by surfacing data & data quality insights in your interface through our API

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    Operational excellence

    Increase operational performance by keeping track of all critical KPIs in your business

  • 95% faster time to detection
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    Data monetization

    Monetize data without the risk of errors reaching your customers

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