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Deep Data Observability for streams, lakes, and warehouses

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  • Babyshop Group is a user of Validio's Deep Data Observability Platform
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The only automated, in-depth validation platform for data streams, lakes, and warehouses.

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Real-time & batch. Semi-structured & structured.

We know data issues can occur anywhere in the data pipeline, at any time or format. That’s why we built Validio, so you can proactively identify issues in real-time for both semi-structured & structured data.

Automated, in-depth validation
–maintenance free

Proactively identify hard-to-find data issues with machine learning–individually trained models per data segment.

Catch bad data when and where it appears

Validio is the only platform that validates structured and semi-structured data; end-to-end in data streams, lakes, and warehouses.

Built for collaboration

Designed for technical and business users alike, whether you prefer infrastructure-as-code or a graphical user interface.

Supporting all major tools of the modern data stack

  • Warehouses

    supports data warehouses out-of-the-box and is continuously adding new integrations.

  • Lakes

    supports data lake file types, incl. CSV, XML, JSON, and Parquet

  • Streams

    validates data in real-time in data streams out-of-the box

  • Notifications

    integrates with messaging tools with customizable notification settings.

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A home for

data-driven teams

Validio is built on the belief that data quality is a problem that is best solved cross-functionally. That’s why data leaders, data engineers, and data consumers alike can use Validio—even non-technical business users can enjoy the graphical user interface. In short, Validio is a home for data-driven teams.

Data Engineers

Get a stress-free environment where you can build fast and scalable data stacks that enable the business. Validio helps you catch and fix bad data proactively in a way that elegantly scales.

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Data Leaders

Unlock the value of data to the broader organization, get stakeholder buy-in and the supporting tools your team needs to be productive

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Data consumers

Data scientist or analyst? Then you know the importance of accurate data. Never spend time or effort worrying about if you can trust the data or not, or whether the data changed unexpectedly.

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Loved by data people

“Rather than stakeholders pinging us on Slack and asking ‘Hey why is this wrong?’ Validio has put us in the position to reach out to them proactively and say ‘We’ve discovered there’s an issue and we’re working on fixing it.”

Marcus Svensson
Head of Data at Babyshop Group

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